Back In Business - March 28, 2018

It’s been a few years since I’ve touched my old site. I’ve learned quite a lot since then; I’m no longer reliant on JQuery, and I’m obsessed with crazy-fast response times. The perfect time to start over from scratch.

Here’s a rough outline of what’s powering Poeticodes now:

  • Hugo: A versatile static-site generator that supports several different templating engines.
  • Forestry: A content-management system designed specifically for Hugo & Jekyll, so that it’s easy to update in the future.
  • Turbolinks: This essentially AJAXifies the entire site. You’ll no longer have full-page loads when navigating, which takes an already-pretty-fast static site up a few notches.
  • IPFS: With every git push, a hook script runs to publish and pin the entire site on my InterPlanetary File System node, because a decentralized web will be the future.

Together, it creates a ridiculously fast website with over 100+ pages that I can easily manage and will survive the crash of our centralized internet.