Published February 11nd, 2012

A mist falls all around a little child
It’s so wild that she questions her wits.
This must be an abnormality in the matrix.

“We’re in a cloud!”
Her father says aloud.

Surely he must be out of his mind!
Brainwashed to think this is perfectly fine!
Clouds are in the sky, and this is land.
They can’t be down here, you told me firsthand!

The child is still comprehending this new revelation
When a minute later they descend to a lower elevation

This fog, this mist, it has instantly cleared.
She looks back, and finds it’s just as she feared.
They were atop a giant rock
That’s jutted from the ground.
A rock so high in the sky
That it wears a fluffy crown.

Haiku #3 || Christmas in the Sunshine State
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