Monday Morning Shift

Published March 1nd, 2012

These plants look beautiful, but not at this location.
They must be eradicated according to administration.
I brought out my tools; Some gloves and a spade,
Then sat down, Indian style, to begin the raid.
The roots, like little fingers, held on to dear life
As I cut through their homes with an oddly-shaped knife.

To justify these cruel killings
I thought of what they’ve done:
Suffocated the superior plants
And blocked out the lovely sun.

But what makes one plant superior and the other inferior?
Just the fact that the other has a beautiful exterior?
They are simply trying their best to make a living.
We must see past our differences and be more forgiving.

But these thoughts lead down to a dangerous road;
Let’s not personify each seed we’ve sowed.

The sun now rises and heats the ground.
The ice embedded within melts all around,
And now a nice wet spot on my pants is found
Which leaves me thinking of thoughts more profound:
“I really hope no one’s looking at me right now.”

Morning Alarm || Leafblower
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