Published March 15nd, 2016

A woman bowed down
Before her plate of spaghetti
To send God a prayer
He's heard a thousand times already.

But Jesus was in such
A mischievous mood
That He let the woman hear
What the Father thought of her food.

"There she goes again
With her cookie-cutter request
Full of empty words meant
To ensure her noodles are blessed."

But the woman quickly answered,
"There's no need to be so rude!
I will gladly recant the prayer
If I offended with my gratitude."

God then replied,
Caught by surprise,
"Sorry, it seems
My Son played a prank!

When words lose their meaning,
Good intentions are deceiving,
So now it's uncertain
Who's receiving your thanks.

People only speak to me
Before they eat and sleep.
Has it become impolite
To think on your feet?"

In Retrospect || Hand In Hand
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