The Gaze

Published June 20nd, 2014

Cast a deep gaze out the car window.
Let the sights sink in as the cold wind blows
Sending chills down your spine and ruffling your hair;
So much sensory information as you're stuck in a stare

Absorbing the beauty of this streetlamp-lit night
Till the coals in your soul begin to ignite
And you can't help but try to pass along the flame
Of fascination of what our Garden of Eden became

And the natural laws God continues to uphold
Despite the scientists who cast Him out into the cold
As they attempt to figure out His infinite knowledge
Causing you to question why you're attending college

Until the answer, quite literally, hit you in the face.
Roll down your car window and gaze at God's grace.

Reminisce || Trailblazer
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