How To Tell A Good Joke - May 25, 2015

If you promise not to tell, I have heard a good rumor:
Wisdom walks hand in hand with good humor.

If you're sworn to secrecy, then let it be known:
Let not a word spoken compel nature to groan.

If words of wisdom you believe you can afford,
Then lend me your ear: Your tongue is a sword.

If your lips are sealed, then read from this scroll:
What comes out of your mouth reveals your soul.

Fake Smile - April 25, 2015

It seems you're worn out
From the fake smile you wear.
Or do you tire
From those burdens you bear?

Can you not see you've fallen into
A classic case of a Catch-22?

You've lived quite the life,
but you forgot a crucial life lesson:

Bare to those you care for
The burdens you bear
For your load to lessen.

How To Learn - November 10, 2014

Knowledge is a splatter of color
Across the canvas of your brain
To gradually form a masterpiece
With every splatter you gain.

But these splats are not simply skills and facts,
Else you’re left with but reds and blues.
For hidden within every facet of life,
Will you find colors of every shade and hue.

But an expansive canvas is required
If you’re to create a work of art.
For only to those with a humble mind
Will life have knowledge to impart.

Look at matters from a new perspective,
See the colors others have to show.
Close up not your mind to wisdom;
It’s hard to learn if you think you know.

Praying Mantis - August 20, 2014

Oh wise Mantis, please teach me your ways.
Overt prayer to receive continual praise.
Feigned innocence to lure in all of your prey.
A close partner with no hesitation to betray.

The pharisee studies and marvels at his find.
He soon shall be worshiped by all of mankind,
Paying no heed to the one who designed
The world that surrounds and our complicated mind.

Hold your friends close and your enemies closer.
When it’s time to strike, keep your composure.
Of your sinister plan, give no disclosure.
Let not a soul know you play the part of a poser.

Note To Self - January 20, 2014

Take a few bets
That can’t be won.

Accomplish a task
That can’t be done.

Face the fears
That can’t be outrun.

Be a guiding light
When we’ve lost sight
Of the sun.