Bad Behavior - August 10, 2017

Do you happen to have
A cigarette I could bum?
Just to hold in my hand
To help reminisce some

To bring me back to a time
When I had it all together
And the worst of my worries
Was exploring Minecraft's Nether.

In fact, could I please
Borrow your lighter as well?
I won't actually smoke it;
I promise to not inhale.

Just the act of smoking
Puts my mind at ease
And places it in Bear Creek
Enjoying the summer's breeze.

But I've come this far already,
So I think I'll take just a puff
With one good hit of nicotine
I'm sure I'll find to be enough.

I'll savor its flavor
Of late-night party favors
And quick, justified breaks
Between writing papers.

And just like back then,
It seems I still need a Savior
And a few more cigarettes
Before I break this bad behavior.

Post Civil War Chattanooga - May 25, 2016

This post-civil-war-torn-town
Gave refuge
To the shackled and bound.

This town's river bubbled
With hope from beneath
To attract the outcast
And mask the town's deceit.

Traffic soon birthed
To industrial sound.

Its booming business
Broke the backs
Of the beaten down.

Jim Crow rose
To further ostracize
And whiteout the spots
Missed by redlines.

This town's river bubbled
With sewage from beneath.
Today's gentrified waters
Taste just as bittersweet.