Pure - January 11, 2018

Give him your chaos,
He'll give it a form.
Take all that you will,
He'll create even more.

Did - April 5, 2017

If God was not,
Yet I did without,
Then faith had done
Which refutes such doubt.

Astray - October 10, 2016

I could have
Been the one
To lead you
To the Cross.

But instead,
My faith
Has been left
At a loss.

Your cup
Was half-Full
Of trials
And tribulations

If only
Our diluter
Was God's grace
For all nations.

There were countless
Which I used
As my excuse

To keep silent
About the love
That you surely
Could have used.

Baptized - September 10, 2016

I still have yet
To be baptized.
Am I just waiting
For this ship to capsize?

Or for my friends
To toss me overboard
During the ceaseless storm
Sent by my Lord?

I've ignored the call
To Nineveh's shore
But this only delays
God's call for much more.