Woodpecker - September 25, 2016

"If only, if only."
The woodpecker sighs.
"But I've a hard-knock life
With more bark than bites."

In Retrospect - March 25, 2016

Countless information's unaccounted for
The second the moment has passed.

The details you do retain are blurred
And the retention itself won't last.

The data chosen to be collected
Is picked by your values and beliefs.

Who's to know
If the changed past guarantees
The desired outcome's
Probability to increase?

(And what of
The endless repercussions it's released?)

In essence,
To put it bluntly,
Is not 20/20.

You Are - October 25, 2015

You're the rest of a phrase
On the tip of my tongue.
You're the forgotten hook
To a song I'd once sung.

You're the key to a lock
Hanging just out of reach.
You're the part of the lesson
Our professors couldn't teach.

You're the tough decision
My mind could never make.
You're the perfect chord
I would find by mistake.

You're the trivial problems
And their pseudo-solution.
You're the broken promise
Of my New Year's Resolution.

Writer's Block - October 15, 2015

This just doesn't sound right.
Nor does it sound clever.
I suppose I'll continue to write
At a time one might call "never".