Bad Behavior - August 10, 2017

Do you happen to have
A cigarette I could bum?
Just to hold in my hand
To help reminisce some

To bring me back to a time
When I had it all together
And the worst of my worries
Was exploring Minecraft's Nether.

In fact, could I please
Borrow your lighter as well?
I won't actually smoke it;
I promise to not inhale.

Just the act of smoking
Puts my mind at ease
And places it in Bear Creek
Enjoying the summer's breeze.

But I've come this far already,
So I think I'll take just a puff
With one good hit of nicotine
I'm sure I'll find to be enough.

I'll savor its flavor
Of late-night party favors
And quick, justified breaks
Between writing papers.

And just like back then,
It seems I still need a Savior
And a few more cigarettes
Before I break this bad behavior.

Despondent - May 10, 2017

The holy spirit
Filled your lungs
At one point.

Now it’s either
Or rolled joints.

Sulfer Dioxide - January 25, 2016

Who can say that this love will last
If it's genuine, and not artificial?
It's not kept hidden behind a mask;
No chemicals to preserve the beneficial.

Salt and cold weather's all it's got
To fight against the bacterial rot
Leading each other to always wonder
If it'll last through another summer.

A Drop in the Bucket - January 15, 2016

A shooting star shot past.

But I kept my gaze downcast
For tonight these troubles
Tongue-tied the wordsmith.

A wish was to be made.

This wishy-washy renegade
Dodged its question
And pled the fifth.

"What was your wish?"
She exclaimed.
"I can't tell you,
I'm afraid."

The rooster's second crow
Came forthwith.