Sculptor - August 15, 2015


Perfect Situation - July 15, 2015

When I'm hammered,
I'm left enamored
And content
With the Fate
Lady luck's prescribed.

Though we never
Will land together,
We're fledglings
With new wings
To take to the sky.

I ponder your passion
To pursue aspirations
And wonder what magic
You'll perform upon nations

And I speculate the odds
Given a perfect situation
In a parallel universe
If I'd rise to the occasion.

The Drinking Game - April 20, 2014

I walk a thin line.
Every sip risks a stumble.
I play mind poker
With memory chips to fumble.

I walk a thin line.
I let out a silent chuckle.
I sip from a glass
Gripped with a white knuckle.

I walk a thin line.
The pot�s full of promise.
I had raised my bet
With a hand most novice.

I walk a thin line
With confidence unshaken.
I down my last glass
To dance with the mass,
Yet the couch I awaken.

My memory chips were taken.
I walk a thin line.