Haiku #8 - September 26, 2014

It is all folly!
The grass withers, flowers fade,
But the weeds still grow.

Praying Mantis - August 20, 2014

Oh wise Mantis, please teach me your ways.
Overt prayer to receive continual praise.
Feigned innocence to lure in all of your prey.
A close partner with no hesitation to betray.

The pharisee studies and marvels at his find.
He soon shall be worshiped by all of mankind,
Paying no heed to the one who designed
The world that surrounds and our complicated mind.

Hold your friends close and your enemies closer.
When it’s time to strike, keep your composure.
Of your sinister plan, give no disclosure.
Let not a soul know you play the part of a poser.

Leafscaping - April 22, 2013

Hours of raking and blowing of leaves
Only to have twice more fall from the trees
By the friendly frolic of an Autumn breeze.

Yet there in the distance an object appears
By the result of your blood, sweat, and tears;
It’s the manifestation of your misplaced fears!

As you creep ever closer to the object in sight,
It’s not long before you’re filled with delight
As your landlocked body begins to take flight
To crash into a leaf pile of impressive height.

Monday Morning Shift - March 1, 2012

These plants look beautiful, but not at this location.
They must be eradicated according to administration.
I brought out my tools; Some gloves and a spade,
Then sat down, Indian style, to begin the raid.
The roots, like little fingers, held on to dear life
As I cut through their homes with an oddly-shaped knife.

To justify these cruel killings
I thought of what they’ve done:
Suffocated the superior plants
And blocked out the lovely sun.

But what makes one plant superior and the other inferior?
Just the fact that the other has a beautiful exterior?
They are simply trying their best to make a living.
We must see past our differences and be more forgiving.

But these thoughts lead down to a dangerous road;
Let’s not personify each seed we’ve sowed.

The sun now rises and heats the ground.
The ice embedded within melts all around,
And now a nice wet spot on my pants is found
Which leaves me thinking of thoughts more profound:
“I really hope no one’s looking at me right now.”

Leafblower - February 25, 2012

You’re the girl sitting on the park bench.
I’m the guy with a leaf blower.
I’ve gotta do my job,
So would you kindly please move over?

I’m walking right towards you,
So don’t say you didn’t notice me.
I’d like to get off work soon,
So I’ll give you until the count of three.


Alright, so you’ve called my bluff.
I’m not really going to do anything.
I just wanted to look real tough,
But this little bee ain’t got no sting.

I’ll just tell my boss that I missed a spot,
And I’ll explain my sad situation.
Then we’ll both laugh at the thought
Of me writing poetry about my frustration.