Silent Silas - December 20, 2016

The windows to my soul
Tend to have their blinds up,
And I leave the door locked tight
By keeping my own mouth shut

So my apologies if it's frustrating
That I'm so cold and calculating.

It's my modus operandi;
You can't spell "Silent" without Si.

But if it's any consolation,
I am striving to get better
At voicing my own thoughts
Without resorting to writing letters.

Baptized - September 10, 2016

I still have yet
To be baptized.
Am I just waiting
For this ship to capsize?

Or for my friends
To toss me overboard
During the ceaseless storm
Sent by my Lord?

I've ignored the call
To Nineveh's shore
But this only delays
God's call for much more.

The Grinch - August 10, 2016

My heart hurts
And aches
In ways
I thought I'd never feel
A decade ago,
And so I'm thankful.

Thank you
For your wrenches and knifes
In my life
That you tossed and stabbed with,

My heart grew
So many sizes since those days
That I only gave way
To a broader attack space
For the world to deface

With exploits
So obvious
To those who drew close
That I'd find it morose
Should they not capitalize
On the faults
I'd so often advertise.