Hand In Hand - February 28, 2016

I wanna hold your hand.
But will you pull your weight?

To live as a puppet
Controlled by a puppy
Is a future I�d prefer
Not to consummate.

I wanna hold your hand.
But will you tighten your grip?

The Stockholm captor
Captivates the captive,
Defining confinement
A partnership.

I wanna hold your hand.
But will you mind what I hold?

A balloon and a pencil
To fulfill my purpose
To etch in the sky
A story untold.

The former is filled
With piping hot dreams
As a ladder for the latter
To reach the sun�s beams.

I wanna hold your hand.
But will you come fly with me?

Sulfer Dioxide - January 25, 2016

Who can say that this love will last
If it's genuine, and not artificial?
It's not kept hidden behind a mask;
No chemicals to preserve the beneficial.

Salt and cold weather's all it's got
To fight against the bacterial rot
Leading each other to always wonder
If it'll last through another summer.

Perfect Situation - July 15, 2015

When I'm hammered,
I'm left enamored
And content
With the Fate
Lady luck's prescribed.

Though we never
Will land together,
We're fledglings
With new wings
To take to the sky.

I ponder your passion
To pursue aspirations
And wonder what magic
You'll perform upon nations

And I speculate the odds
Given a perfect situation
In a parallel universe
If I'd rise to the occasion.

Error: Missing Dependency - June 25, 2015

I'd give my heart to you, my Lord,
But that's not my decision to make.
The last girl I hastily gave it to
Thought it best to hide than to break.

Locked both our hearts away and claimed,
"'Tis better we wait", but I've been told,
"'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than to have your love put on hold."

Homie - May 15, 2015

After we had passed around our time
Like a handout from a middle school teacher
Which left us as curiously disinterested
As the typical middle school kid-creature,

I had begun to realize we all had fun
While I analyzed the past
That I hold beneath my beanie.

With the help of Aladdin's nameless genie,
Tupac, and the also-immortal Houdini,
I relived the photos we claim
Frame us as fresh as a French Martini.

And if you don't believe me,
Well, I'd be quite surprised,

Considering the retina-rays,
Which flashed such a look
From behind your eyes

To broadcast the current thought
That's now crossing your mind
Which you'd otherwise only tell
To your roommate, pet, and/or the Lord divine.

You remember the fun we had, too.

Well, besides the homework, and exams,
And the whole "Hell freezing over"
Which couldn't stop our professor's plans

To take down our GPA's
And No-School snow days.

Comradery through common enemy.
Tomfoolery as tedium's remedy.