Breakfast Blue Pt. 2 - May 20, 2014

Oh, my good friend, I didn’t mean to leave.
It wasn’t your fault, so no longer grieve!
If I could, I would run back to your side.
But, alas, a lack of legs slows my stride.

It’s been over a year since I’ve last seen
Your serious face and Chartwell’s cuisine.
Often I think this is for the better
\‘Til I shed tears as I read your letter.

Fake tears, that is, for I also lack eyes.
In fact, let me unveil my disguise:
I’m an object lacking animation,
Given life through personification.

What words can I say to help you move on
And accept the fact that I am now gone?
Know that I too will miss your sweet lovin’
For I’ll always be your chocolate muffin.

Breakfast Blues - January 10, 2013

Lost my reason to wake in the morning
Ever since you left me without warning.
We’ve always seemed to have gotten along
Now I’m wondering if I did you wrong.

Lost my reason to give you thanks and praise.
Each day that passes passes in a daze.
The life I live is a life of decay.
My happiness happens to never stay.

I would have treated you so much better,
Or perhaps branded a scarlet letter
Across my chest and openly confess
That I’m impressed by a snack I love best.

Oh chocolate muffin, why’d you have to leave?
I’ve learned not to wear my heart on my sleeve.
Instead my love will always be suppressed
As I keep it locked in a chocolate chest.