Cardinal Sings - January 10, 2015

Our planets rotate around the sun
At such unfathomable speeds
While the tallest of plants
May sprout from the tiniest of seeds
And I cry out to God
Of what tomorrow may bring
As the cardinal recounts in winter
The splendor of the coming Spring
And decides, once again, to sing.

Lennon Shades - October 10, 2014

The sun shines its light
To give us sight.
A molten surface emitting
Eons of endless energy
Which I will never see
With my naked eye
That I sometimes dress up
With the cheapest pair of shades
Money can buy
To apply a filter to
My surroundings.

Vibrancy abounding.

To take this world, already astounding,
And modify these light particle pixels
To better see Yahweh’s initials
Carved in the curvature of the mountains
Which have probably seen better days
Before mankind had its way
Without asking for their permission.