Bad Behavior - August 10, 2017

Do you happen to have
A cigarette I could bum?
Just to hold in my hand
To help reminisce some

To bring me back to a time
When I had it all together
And the worst of my worries
Was exploring Minecraft's Nether.

In fact, could I please
Borrow your lighter as well?
I won't actually smoke it;
I promise to not inhale.

Just the act of smoking
Puts my mind at ease
And places it in Bear Creek
Enjoying the summer's breeze.

But I've come this far already,
So I think I'll take just a puff
With one good hit of nicotine
I'm sure I'll find to be enough.

I'll savor its flavor
Of late-night party favors
And quick, justified breaks
Between writing papers.

And just like back then,
It seems I still need a Savior
And a few more cigarettes
Before I break this bad behavior.

As A Kid - June 20, 2017


Homie - May 15, 2015

After we had passed around our time
Like a handout from a middle school teacher
Which left us as curiously disinterested
As the typical middle school kid-creature,

I had begun to realize we all had fun
While I analyzed the past
That I hold beneath my beanie.

With the help of Aladdin's nameless genie,
Tupac, and the also-immortal Houdini,
I relived the photos we claim
Frame us as fresh as a French Martini.

And if you don't believe me,
Well, I'd be quite surprised,

Considering the retina-rays,
Which flashed such a look
From behind your eyes

To broadcast the current thought
That's now crossing your mind
Which you'd otherwise only tell
To your roommate, pet, and/or the Lord divine.

You remember the fun we had, too.

Well, besides the homework, and exams,
And the whole "Hell freezing over"
Which couldn't stop our professor's plans

To take down our GPA's
And No-School snow days.

Comradery through common enemy.
Tomfoolery as tedium's remedy.

Reminisce - June 20, 2014

To return to your hometown
Is a flood of emotion.
Memories playback
The tide of time’s ocean.

Waves crash down
Along the bank of your brain’s shore
To tempt you to linger
In its grasp for a bit more.

But the tide only seeks
To keep you in its hold.
Best to dwell instead
In the mountains of your soul.

Breaker - March 24, 2014

The formation of ocean waves
Mystified me as a child.
I felt compelled to ask my God,
“What makes this ocean wild?”

Countless questions came soon after
For me to ask my Lord.
These days I feel, however,
My questions are oft’ ignored.

Or perhaps I simply need
To learn to raise my voice
Before I lose it altogether
And our silence is not by choice.