Wanderlust - September 25, 2015

Do you still claim for there to be
No chance of a random possibility
Because our God planned out eternity?
But what good does that do
For the likes of me?

If you don't know the hand you're dealt
And faithfulness determines not your wealth,
Then why not loosen up your bible belt?
We can only ascertain
Our ascent
To heaven or hell.

The rain falls down on the wicked and the just.
We pack our bags and pray to God in whom we trust.
Our plans fall through as we return to dust
And beg our God
To cure
Our wanderlust.

Sips of Serum - November 29, 2014

Honesty is the best policy
If you’re considered prodigy.
But I’m left a prodigal son
With money and meals my idolatry.

Spinning webs of lies
To hide the mess inside.
Donning the mask of Jekyll
As I sip the serum of Hyde.

How To Learn - November 10, 2014

Knowledge is a splatter of color
Across the canvas of your brain
To gradually form a masterpiece
With every splatter you gain.

But these splats are not simply skills and facts,
Else you’re left with but reds and blues.
For hidden within every facet of life,
Will you find colors of every shade and hue.

But an expansive canvas is required
If you’re to create a work of art.
For only to those with a humble mind
Will life have knowledge to impart.

Look at matters from a new perspective,
See the colors others have to show.
Close up not your mind to wisdom;
It’s hard to learn if you think you know.

Elephants - September 10, 2014

Silence speaks louder than words
At a decibel too loud to be heard
As an abrupt disruption of nothin’
For our conversation consumption.

Its presence is chilling
And instant buzz-killing
Yet still we act
As if it’s not there.

Our tongues are untied
As the silence subsides
Yet still its message
Hangs heavy in the air.

Praying Mantis - August 20, 2014

Oh wise Mantis, please teach me your ways.
Overt prayer to receive continual praise.
Feigned innocence to lure in all of your prey.
A close partner with no hesitation to betray.

The pharisee studies and marvels at his find.
He soon shall be worshiped by all of mankind,
Paying no heed to the one who designed
The world that surrounds and our complicated mind.

Hold your friends close and your enemies closer.
When it’s time to strike, keep your composure.
Of your sinister plan, give no disclosure.
Let not a soul know you play the part of a poser.