Astray - October 10, 2016

I could have
Been the one
To lead you
To the Cross.

But instead,
My faith
Has been left
At a loss.

Your cup
Was half-Full
Of trials
And tribulations

If only
Our diluter
Was God's grace
For all nations.

There were countless
Which I used
As my excuse

To keep silent
About the love
That you surely
Could have used.

Lost Journal - June 15, 2015

I lost my journal filled with poetry.
Perhaps it's simply crying out, "notice me!"
After feeling left out and neglected;
Damaged by dust instead of pens as it expected.

It's jealous of the keyboard as I hack away on a project,
Leaving the interactive journal as an inanimate object.
But I've left living words in the dust before;
Once you can hear their voice, they're hard to ignore.

Figure Eight - February 25, 2011

I’ve said to myself countless times
“Today I will do something great!”
But here I sit every day, wasting away,
Thinking of something clever to say.
I just need one amazing rhyme
To break from this endless figure eight.

Then and only then will I be complete,
Something to show for all of my time
Even though it’s been weeks
Of pursuing something to entertain my mind
To ensure that I don’t need to think
Of the past, present, future situations.
Delving further into desecration,
Forgetting what it is I seek.