Act - February 10, 2018

You have been hypnotized
By the Siren’s song.
You looked into her eyes
For far too long.

Any action you take
Won’t be for you.
Any action she takes
Will be your cue.

But if it’s truly your desire,
Is the cage we see your castle?
If you took on the role yourself,
Is the stage now worth the hassle?

Signal Lost - July 20, 2017

There's no reason for us to talk
As we discuss meteorological matters.
Our communal cup never fills up
For each time we lose touch, it shatters.

You see in me a man from before.
I see in you but a shallow shore
With a receding tide
Of our friendship folklore.

Is there nothing more?

I've tired of this one-sided conversation
So I'll retire and keep myself complacent
With an assuming posture
And twiddling of thumbs
With the occasional interjection
Of terribly clever puns.

Out Of Sync - July 20, 2016

I heard the song
Held within your heart
And gave my best
To play its leading part.

But I could neither
Determine the key,
Nor predict
Its syncopated beat.

Oxytocin - May 20, 2016

What started as a sparkle
Sparked up into a flame
Which fanned into a fire
To catch us all the same.

Contagious are these moments,
So detrimental and fleeting,
But its oxytocin sugar rush
Lets such burning bear repeating.

Hand In Hand - February 28, 2016

I wanna hold your hand.
But will you pull your weight?

To live as a puppet
Controlled by a puppy
Is a future I�d prefer
Not to consummate.

I wanna hold your hand.
But will you tighten your grip?

The Stockholm captor
Captivates the captive,
Defining confinement
A partnership.

I wanna hold your hand.
But will you mind what I hold?

A balloon and a pencil
To fulfill my purpose
To etch in the sky
A story untold.

The former is filled
With piping hot dreams
As a ladder for the latter
To reach the sun�s beams.

I wanna hold your hand.
But will you come fly with me?