Spellchecker - July 10, 2016

No one should be awake
At this time of night.
Nothing good can come
From what I'll try to write.

My vision's a bit blurred
As I try to type
So I'm not quite sure
If the keys I press are right,
But I've come this far
So I'll press on in spite.

Thank you, Spellchecker.
The overseer of my oversight.

New Student - March 15, 2012

Please present yourself to the class
By sharing none of your secret past

Tell us your residence, your aspirations,
Your chosen major’s concentration,
And maybe some more background knowledge
As to why you’re attending this specific college.

But anything more is unnecessary
I mean, who cares your birthday’s in February?

We learn not by the things you say
But by the image you portray
From the way you walk, talk, and stare
And the ridiculous length of your untamed hair

Learning any more is unnecessary
Learning any more is a little too scary

Angst - January 25, 2011

All of the kids around me complain
And complain
And complain
And complain.

But I’m feeling all right
So when they catch sight
Of me, they think I’m insane.