Silent Silas - December 20, 2016

The windows to my soul
Tend to have their blinds up,
And I leave the door locked tight
By keeping my own mouth shut

So my apologies if it's frustrating
That I'm so cold and calculating.

It's my modus operandi;
You can't spell "Silent" without Si.

But if it's any consolation,
I am striving to get better
At voicing my own thoughts
Without resorting to writing letters.

Haiku #7 - September 26, 2014

You may interchange
My middle name with either
Silence or solace

Elephants - September 10, 2014

Silence speaks louder than words
At a decibel too loud to be heard
As an abrupt disruption of nothin’
For our conversation consumption.

Its presence is chilling
And instant buzz-killing
Yet still we act
As if it’s not there.

Our tongues are untied
As the silence subsides
Yet still its message
Hangs heavy in the air.

Breaker - March 24, 2014

The formation of ocean waves
Mystified me as a child.
I felt compelled to ask my God,
“What makes this ocean wild?”

Countless questions came soon after
For me to ask my Lord.
These days I feel, however,
My questions are oft’ ignored.

Or perhaps I simply need
To learn to raise my voice
Before I lose it altogether
And our silence is not by choice.

Verbal Blunder - November 5, 2012

That was simply a slip of the tongue.
Is it too late for me to play along?

I fear I’m no longer as mysterious,
As wise, and as fearless
As I’ve implied myself to be.

I’ve revealed my true colors.
I’ll soon be discovered;
This shall show my sheer stupidity!

\‘Tis time to hang up my hat and accept this mistake
Since it seems I don’t quite have what it takes
To fool these fools how non-foolish I am.
If only things had gone according to plan,

For I have heard it said:
He who knows, does not speak.
He who speaks, does not know.
I had taken this to heart
And so my heart I would never show.