Original Intent - August 20, 2017

The author read
The words she wrote
And swore each word
Together spoke

A different message
Than initially penned
In a tone reminiscent
Of a familiar friend.

Megalomaniacs - April 15, 2016

He followed her footsteps in the sand.
Her imprints vanished beneath his feet.
The tide rolled up behind them both
To cover all tracks upon its swift retreat.

The moon laughed quietly to itself,
"That'll show them; I rule this beach!
Witness crashing waves belt a lion's roar
And flatten all castles within their reach."

With enough arrogance to rival the moon's,
A gradeschooler rampages through the water.
"The waves crumble before my righteous fist!"
His father mutters, "And you wanted a daughter?"

But the mother's not impressed
By such a violent display.
"Will it be classmates tomorrow
If it's the waves today?"

Pokeball - July 15, 2015


Davy Jones - March 25, 2015

Ocean waves undulate
Underneath my skin
And between my bones.

Often times,
An awful tide
Unlocks the locker
Of Davy Jones.

Deep in depth
Is kept my debt
I owe to Davy
For his loans.

Once he rises,
Are made to save
My sinful soul.

My telescope
Tells me of hope;
Tonight's the night
To seek the scroll

To bring to light
My lawful right
To tax the man
Who dwells below.

Cat Burglar - January 20, 2015

A cat burglar snuck around a yard at night.
"Not a witness in sight!", he thought to himself.
"Such a waste of stealth for it never to be seen.
Such finesse can't be found on any television screen."

Confidence awoken, he scaled the side of the wall.
"I feel six stories tall!", but little does he know,
The bigger you are, the harder you fall,
And he still has quite a lot of room to grow.

For as he snuck in through the bedroom window,
To the capable and confident thief's chagrin,
A figure watched him from the shadows within,
Waiting his turn for the thief to begin.

Quickly the thief scurried to take what's not his.
"Whoever's house this is, they have quite the stash!"
But this loot might be his last, for on his way out,
The figure ten times his height would then shout:

"Ha!", with his arms raised to embellish his size.
To escape his demise, the thief fled the scene.

"My owner is so mean! There was no need to yell.
Plus, he cheated." So the cat gave his farewell.

Frustrated with how serious his owner took the game,
Strolled over to the neighbor's to do the exact same.