Blue Pill (Flouride) - March 10, 2017

This morn' I lay ruminating in bed
O'er the Equifax breach, my crip'ling debt,
A litterbox full, a garbage truck to race,
The gas price rising, solar flares in space,

My withering faith (or my doubt in fate),
Carpal tunnel, if I'll graduate,
Nuclear weapons, our surveillance state,
And my odds of ever finding a date.

Morning Commute - May 10, 2016

A few minutes into my morning commute
I had forgotten we can all read minds.
So my thought faucet ran up my brain bill
Spewing a membraneous mess inside.

I didn’t notice ‘til I parked the car
And smelled the fumes from under the hood.
I frantically thought of cats and cookies
To clean up the mess, but it did no good.

So I ditched the car and snuck into work,
Though I knew my hopes and dreams would be seen
Swirled amidst my self-doubt and worries
Like creamer mixed in bitter cups of caffeine.